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The Spirit of the Fire

  • September 1, 2015
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In ceremony we sit around the fire and talk, and this sharing is a time to be near the spirits. 

Just as the moon and the water share a sacred feminine energy, the sun and the fire breathe forth masculinity.

Like the essence of man, it is this masculine energy that makes fire a protector spirit. 

Around its protection we gather, we take the medicine, we begin the journey within. 

Throughout the evening, as moon slowly gives way to sun, the fire burns.

In the deepest parts of an Iboga journey, the fire dances, guarding the space and the souls within. The flames lap a message; truth, truth truth. 

But fire serves as more than our protector.

Fire burns away all that it encounters. 

And in ceremony, it burns away all things that no longer serve us. The things we wish to shed—past traumas, negative thought patterns, physical pain, depression, addiction, anxiety, old belief systems and stories—can be given to the fire, to burn and release. 

Where the old is shed, space is created. 

This is the space which new, positive beliefs and behavior patterns can fill. 

The fire’s path is painful, its burns will scald. 

But its teaching is profound: when we really look at the pain, when we really confront the difficult, uncomfortable truths we’ve been pushing aside for so long, we become free from them.

When we let ourselves feel the burn, we’re empowered to turn our obstacles to ash and cinder.

As the ceremony ends and the fire dies out, we can finally release our burdens, to be blown away in the wind, no longer controlling our lives.  

Fire twists through the medicine journey with us, to confront and release, to protect and to heal. 

By Deena DiBacco

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