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What's the procedure surrounding medical testing prior to treatment?

Before potential guests can be accepted into our program, they are pre-screened, and in some cases required to provide current EKG and liver panel tests. Upon arrival, all guests undergo medical screening prior to and following ceremony. Our licensed medical staff remains on-site throughout the duration of treatment.

Why aren't prices listed on the website?

Packages are tailored specifically to meet the needs of each guest, and we offer different programs at different costs. Everyone’s needs are unique, so we require that potential guests complete a health questionnaire prior to receiving a quote. Please send us a message through our contact page or call us at 604-898-HEAL or 1-800-932-1623 for a pre-screening and quote estimate.

Is there medical staff on-site during treatment?

Yes, our medical team is led by a licensed paramedic who has undergone training under the Advanced Life Support program. Read more about our medical staff by clicking here.

Is a team member present through the duration of the ceremony?

A provider is always present during ceremony and a staff member is on-site at all times, both in and out of ceremony.

Do you facilitate aftercare services when treatment is complete?

Iboga can be life changing, and in the long-term it is important to stay aligned in your new way of thinking and being. At Sacred Soul, we offer post-treatment integrative counseling services. Please contact us for more information.

What is there to do on days in between ceremonies?

Our centre is nestled along the beautiful Tantalus Mountain Range, and we coordinate nature walks, off-site excursions, optional healing sessions, and rebirth yoga classes for guests. The day immediately following ceremony is a very introspective period, during which we encourage guests to make self time the priority. We provide free Wi-Fi, so guests are welcome to bring electronic devices.

What if i have a special diet?

We can accommodate most special diets. Our on-site chef tailors meals to meet the needs of all guests. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions prior to your arrival.

Will I feel safe at Sacred Soul Therapy House?

Yes. Our trained providers are by your side through the entire night of ceremony, and our aftercare team will make sure that you are checked on regularly, receive meals and are staying hydrated. We have a licensed Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) on site during all ceremonies and into aftercare, and guests’ vitals are checked prior to, during, and following ceremony. All of our providers have been trained by a 10th generation african shaman, and have undergone many intense initiations to deepen their relationship to the medicine.

What if I’m afraid to take Iboga?

Iboga is different from any other psychoactive substance. It is crucial that you are 100 percent ready and willing to let go and receive whatever healing the medicine offers. Anxiousness is normal when embarking on a new experience, but obsessive fear can act as a block and prevent you from addressing the issues you came to heal. Our providers are skilled in assisting you during your journey, and provide guidance and techniques to properly diffuse anxiety and work freely with the medicine.

What are the effects of Iboga?

It is important to enter ceremony in a state of surrender, with no expectation. Iboga will give you exactly what you need and take you where you need to go, so you have to trust in the healing process. Some effects may or may not include dizziness, seeing tracers or light trails, feeling high or euphoric, hearing a high vibrational buzzing in your ears, powerful visions, accelerated thoughts that come and go, nausea or vomiting, warmth in your body, deep introspective thinking, insights and realizations. The inability to sleep until the medicine has run its course is also a common effect.

How do i know if Iboga is right for me?

If you are ready to make a positive, transformative life shift, and if you’re open and ready to empower yourself, Iboga is your medicine.

Are there any conditions that would exclude a person from taking Iboga?

We exclude high-risk cases, including those with sleep apnea, severe asthma or other major respiratory conditions, heart conditions (those unsure of their heart condition are asked to provide EKG results), impaired liver or kidney function (those unsure of these functions must provide a liver panel test), limited-function organs, high or low blood pressure, those currently taking benzodiazepine or who are physically dependent on alcohol (although those who have successfully stopped taking these substances would be cleared for treatment), any patient requiring daily medications like insulin, persons with no thyroid function or those who have had their thyroid gland removed, and those with neurological impairment such as schizophrenia, dementia or psychosis. Please contact us at 604-898-HEAL for more information.