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Guided Shamanic Journeys with Iboga: Cleanse your body, Clear your mind, Connect with your spirit.


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A shamanic Iboga therapy house on the West Coast of Canada, we honour indigenous customs surrounding the root bark of Africa’s sacred Iboga tree. Our Iboga retreats feature psycho-spiritual ceremonies and detox treatments, where we provide an ingestible form of Iboga, a powerful tool to detoxifies one’s body and mind. This process helps a person to connect with their true self (soul) and discover their life’s purpose. Unique to the West, our ceremonies are lead by shamanically-trained medicine women. Our Iboga journeys are medically-supervised and conveniently located in the beautiful clean-air mountains an hour and a half from Vancouver, British Columbia.  Everything we as humans need to live a spiritually-fulfilled life already exists within us, and our transformative shamanic retreats offer a safe, nurturing and supportive environment to rediscover this treasure and awaken from within.

Shamanic healing journey to realize truth and let go of the past

Iboga And The Bwiti

Iboga PlantTabernanthe Iboga is found growing wild in Central West Africa. It is a traditional medicine used by the Bwiti to help a child transition into adulthood following a Rites of Passage ceremony. A thousand-year-old practice, the Bwiti tradition was birthed deep within the jungles of Gabon. It is not a religion; simply a study of life. A true spiritual path that awakens us to the art of living, to the simple beauty of just being.

Culturally, the Bwiti people practice life with simplicity, allowing them to live richly in spirit.

For the Bwiti, Iboga is a sacred key to unlock deep knowledge about the art of life. It is the chief tool for accessing the spiritual world to receive clarity and direction in one’s physical existence.

In the Western world Iboga therapy is being used primarily for detoxification, addiction and depression.

In our ceremonies, we reflect on the way Bwiti navigate life. The way they operate with each other, the gratitude they convey for life each day, the value with which they see themselves and their community, and the simplicity with which they enjoy their lives.

The combination of these values and morals is the root of true, lasting happiness, and Iboga is the tool used to harness these sacred ways of being.

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Iboga therapy houseOur treatments utilize both raw, organic Iboga root bark harvested directly from the earth, as well as its total alkaloid (TA) extraction. We use TA in addition to the root bark primarily for detoxification purposes.  We do our extractions in harmony with the Bwiti way in order to keep the spirit within the medicine. Our TA extraction harnesses the plant spirit in it’s complete form. 

Many internet sources focus on Ibogaine, which is one of 14 active alkaloids found in the whole Iboga root. A chemical process is used to extract the Ibogaine alkaloid, and upon completion the remaining 13 alkaloids are removed. With 13 alkaloids missing from Ibogaine, the spiritual component of the medicine is compromised, along with some very beneficial alkaloids that offer long lasting support and healing. 

Although Ibogaine effectively facilitates physical healing, detoxification, and the eradication of addictive receptors, the deepest level of spiritual healing is not achieved.

In our treatments, we utilize the entire Iboga root, keeping all 14 active alkaloids intact. This ensures the full spirit of Iboga is preserved and active during the journey. Using the whole root provides a thorough grounding into oneself, where nothing is taken away or removed from the scope of the experience or the depth of the healing.

Iboga assists one in integrating disharmony and trauma as well as ending addiction at the root, healing from the source and resulting in deep, complete healing.

When the spirit needs to heal, it pulls from our physical body; and when the body needs to heal, it pulls from our spirit. By working with all 14 alkaloids, physical and spiritual cleansing is accessed simultaneously, healing the origin of suffering.

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Known as the tree of knowledge and life, Iboga is possibly the most powerful plant medicine on Earth for detoxification, physical healing and spiritual discovery. It heals on many levels, interrupting addiction, cleaning the body down to a cellular level, and resetting the mind to deprogram limiting belief systems. The journey to Iboga—the journey into you—is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

What Iboga Treats

Substance Detox

What Iboga Treats

Reconnect To Yourself

What Iboga Treats


What Iboga Treats

Physical Healing

What Iboga Treats

Release Trauma & Addiction

What Iboga Treats

Control Your Mind

The soul always knows what it needs to heal; the challenge is to quiet the mind

The Experience

At Sacred Soul Therapy House, we honor indigenous customs surrounding the Iboga root, in true African Bwiti practice. Guests experience traditional Bwiti fireside ceremony, and are gifted with techniques, tools and skills to study themselves in order to perfect the art of living.

Sacred Soul Therapy practitioners have undergone vigorous shamanic training in this tradition, including having journeyed to Gabon, Africa to complete full initiations and rites-of-passage. In ceremony, our practitioners impart knowledge learned through studying the Bwiti, as well as other universal truths, to guide guests on their journey. Under this deep guidance, guests access the core of what is causing disharmony in their lives.

In ceremony, we utilize raw Iboga root bark medicine as well as its total alkaloid extraction, both whole organic forms of the medicine. Healing addiction is just one of many benefits Iboga offers. A holistic medicine in its purest form, Iboga ignites healing on all levels: mind, body and spirit.

The essence of Iboga is simple truth. And the truth is that everything we experience on a physical level begins in the spiritual world.

We each enter this world joyous, fearless, shameless and permeable to the environment we are a part of. What we absorb throughout our lives directly affects how we perceive the truth about life. Our guests, when guided through the medicine by our practitioners, release false beliefs, attachments, assumptions, fears and trauma from their reality.

This release births an awakening to the truth about the worlds we live in—the physical world and the spiritual world—giving us the greatest gift of all; to live life as a fully realized human being.

Free your soul, free your mind, free yourself

Retreat Package

All potential guests must complete a health questionnaire prior to receiving a quotation and specific package information.

Five-Star Facility, Private Guest Suites

Settled at the base of the Tantalus Mountain Range, our classic post-and-beam log home on a 10-acre estate marries the luxury of modern convenience with raw, natural North American wilderness.

Personal On-Site Chef

Our live-in chef ignites the palate with local, seasonal and organic fare, accommodating any dietary restriction guests may have.

Iboga Ceremony

Iboga ceremonies are held fireside in our state-of-the-art Bwiti temple, where guests are fully supported on their spiritual journey to rebirth, and guided in unlocking the answers to their lives.

Spiritual Shower

Aided by sacred, wild-harvested African herbs, guests are cleansed to release all energy that no longer serves them, and, in that space, call their deepest dreams and wishes into being.

One-on-One Bwiti Counseling

Providers harness and impart deep knowledge of the Bwiti tradition, a Central-Western African teaching based on the study of life, a practice in which our roots run deep. Our sessions are limited to a 6-guest maximum, which facilitates an intimate and personal guest-to-provider relationship.

Nature Walks

Journey back to nature in our own backyard, where moss-covered forests highlight the storybook magic of British Columbia. Guided nature walks follow the glacier-fed Squamish River, offering stunning views of the Tantalus Mountain Range and nearby waterfalls.

Sea-To-Sky Gondola Excursion

Just as Iboga provides guests with a new perspective on life, our gondola excursion parallels that experience, offering a new, birds’ eye view at the summit of British Columbia’s coastal mountain range.

Scandinave Spa Experience

In the deep meditative space of silence, guests ease into rebirth during this unique outdoor spa experience, featuring natural hot baths and cold plunges, a wood-burning Finnish sauna, and an invigorating eucalyptus steam room—surrounded by the world-renowned beauty of Whistler Mountain resort.

Integrative Rebirth Yoga

Flow gently back into being with this specialized post-treatment yoga practice, merging meditation with deep stretch and earth-based indigenous wisdom.

Add Ons

Add on any of our healing therapies to your existing package.

CranioSacral Therapy

Using a light touch, the fluid nature of all structures emerges to show the fluctuation of the central nervous system and any restrictions in the surrounding membranes, tissues and bones. While listening to your system, it is possible to unwind and restore the health and function of all strain patterns. This treatment is very helpful for traumatic injuries, surgeries, PTSD, depression, insomnia and other illnesses.

Crystal-Infused Reiki

Align with source and balance the chakras in a Reiki energy healing session, tailored to meet individual needs using crystals and sacred healing tools.

Thai Massage

This session combines warming the muscles with kneading, releasing pressure points, channel work to free nerves and blood restriction and well as stretching for better structural alignment and protocols for the vital organs. You can choose light, moderate or strong pressure. Effects can be sedative or energizing depending which state of balance is needed.

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